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Brussels Touch Tournaments (Ladies and Men Open)

Dear all,
Saturday May 28th 2016

Brussels Touch Tournament

This tournament is open to all teams, Men and/or Ladies (sorry, no Mixed tournament this time). We'll have separate competition for both categories.

More infos

Send an email with your name and contact details to euro2016@touch-belgium.be

Hello boys and girls,

Please, save already the date.

Boitsfort will organize a tournament on JUNE 18th 2016 at La Foresterie, Boitsfort.

Brussels Touch Tournament

It'll be a very low cost tournament.

Good occasion for belgian teams to play and a nice occasion for the euros players to improve their game.

So see you on 18 june 2016.

Further informations to come.

Send an email with your name and contact details to Mathieu Locus

Responsable équipe Touch du Boitsfort Rugby Club.


Assemblée Générale / General Assembly Meeting

jeudi 17 mars à 20:30 - 23:00 (UTC+01)

Cette assemblée générale est ouverte à tous les joueurs de Touch, en ordre de cotisation auprès de leurs clubs respectifs ou de Touch Belgium.

This General Assembly Meeting is open to all Touch players, who have paid their annual membership fees, either to their clubs or directly to Touch Belgium.


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